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October 23

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Dear IAAS Fellows,

Immediately after we completed 25% of the 2020 IAAS Program at the Cinemark client briefing on March 11th, the earth stood still. Since then, IAAS was paused, Ad Agencies focused on staying in business, and Cinemark shut down its entire enterprise.

As soon as Cinemark shuttered their theaters, they started planning their comeback. They’re now aiming to reopen a portion of their theaters this July. Their revival will require a single-minded focus on restoring their business over the next six months, leaving no available time for IAAS activities. In addition, while Ad Agencies all over the country are working to help save their clients’ businesses, they have simultaneously had to tackle the same issues that Cinemark is facing. Agencies are dealing with their own existential concerns. We’re all busy solving problems and addressing immediate needs, making it difficult to schedule time for IAAS sessions during this time of trauma and transition.

Given these strategic and tactical concerns for Cinemark and for our Agency Fellows and Agency Faculty; and given the uncertainty of the course of the pandemic itself, we plan to allow ample time for our Restart of IAAS. We hope to restart with in-person meetings, but we’ll be ready to deliver the remainder of the Program via video conferencing, if necessary.

At this time, we’re tentatively looking at full IAAS resumption in mid-to-late January 2021.

Your position as an IAAS Fellow and your seat in the Program are protected and reserved. There’s no need to re-register or do anything further. If an agency needs to replace an IAAS Fellow who no longer works there, we will accept a new Fellow in their place without any further cost to the agency. Part of our IAAS Restart will focus on providing a comprehensive refresher for all Fellows.

We’re looking forward to continuing the decades-long tradition of keeping IAAS as one of the nation’s premier professional development investments for the advertising and marketing communications industry. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We’ll be back in touch as soon as Cinemark gives us the greenlight.



PETER-J. E. NOBLE          
Director, Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies 
American Association of Advertising Agencies

Professor of Practice and Graduate Program Coordinator
Temerlin Advertising Institute • SMU • 214.361.1234 (Mobile)


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