Three Teams working to hit a home run for the

The 2019 Class of the 4A’s Dallas Council Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies are hard at work on their presentations to the RoughRiders management on April 24.

Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies

Accredited Fellowship

Early registration available for the

2020 Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies

If you are interested in becoming a Fellow at the 2020 IAAS? It’s possible now to reserve a position, with no obligation, a this time.  IAAS 2020 starts January 22, 2020. If you are interested at all in attending, you can have your name put on a hold list by merelysending an email to Dennis D’Amico, executive director of the 4A’s Dallas Council, about your deserve to have more information.

Ask your agency supervisor/manager about an agency-sponsored Fellowship . Costs and other information for the 2020 edition of IAAS will be available Fall 2019.

2018 Graduate Fellows of the 4A’s Dallas Council IAAS.

27 in all!

 Thanks to their client:

2018 IAAS Fellows          Agency

Jade Ajose                            Saatchi & Saatchi/Dallas

 Kathryn Breslin                TM Advertising/Dallas

 Steph Clausen                    Moroch Partners, Inc.

 Morgan Clifton                   Firehouse

 Val de Fex                             Richards/Lerma

 Dylan Dollihite                   Javelin Agency

 Danielle Holt                       The Integer Group

 Justin Honeycutt                Southwest Media Group

 Hanna Jenkins                    Saatchi & Saatchi/Dallas

 Molly Gould                          The Integer Group

 Elizabeth Lara                     Conill

 Julia Leggett                        TM Advertising/Dallas

 Abbie Lockwood                 Commercehouse, LP

 Elizabeth Lowe                   The Integer Group

 Alexis Gliedt                        Moroch Partners, Inc.

 Kerrin McKaig                    TracyLocke

 Sarah Meacham                  31000ft

 Sahar Medhi                        Saatchi & Saatchi/Dallas

 Juan Perez-Duran            Conill

 Grant Pieper                      TracyLocke      

 Jamal Prowell                    Firehouse

 Madison Reeves                Commercehouse, LP

 Barbara Smith                  The Richards Group, 

 Robert Stahl                       The Integer Group

 Elizabeth Stuckman        Saatchi & Saatchi/Dallas

 Steph Viands                      Firehouse

 Elissa Wilke                        Saatchi & Saatchi/Dallas


19 Agency Professionals Graduated

the 2016 class

IAAS grads 2016 Thank You Fridays for being the 2016 client.